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Product Information - The Sidewinder Method

The Sidewinder Model M-2 is a Refrigeration Machine Distiller-Reclaimer, it processes 5 gallons or less per batch. A standard 5 gallon metal bucket of waste is placed in the chamber. Waste solvents are vaporized and re-condensed, making the solvent reusable. The vapors expand in the chamber, displacing air. The vapors, being heavier than air, then fall through a refrigerated heat exchanger, condense and gravity flow out into the clean solvent receiving vessel. The waste stays behind in the cooking bucket within the chamber.

The vaporizing chamber is built to pressure cooker specifications. Although the unit operates at atmospheric pressure a safety pressure relief valve is installed in the lid. Metal to metal machined surface seal the chamber and its' lid, which is held fast during processing with 6 bakelite wing nut assemblies.

The vapor tubes and the outlet tubes are of TFE Teflon. The evaporator (condensing chamber) is stainless steel. The lightweight aluminum stand is provided with floor mount capabilities. The Sidewinder Model M-2 is covered by a one year limited warranty.

The use of a refrigeration condensing system instead of a forced air or water cooled system is a more efficient, resourceful choice, especially where water conservation is important. Additionally, special plumbing, water treatment and freezing weather considerations are unnecessary. Water condensing systems can use water at about 180 gallons of water per 1 gallon of recycled solvent. Forced air condensing systems, simply are not efficient in warmer climates.

The Sidewinder Model M-2 is for use in commercial and industrial applications only by trained personnel. Strict adherence to cautious handling of hazardous materials must be maintained always. For location, wiring, and operating instructions, refer to the owner's manual.