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Product Information - Hazardous Waste

All used solvents, thinners and reducers are hazardous wastes. There are only two legal ways to dispose of these hazardous wastes:

  • For less than 100 kilograms of waste per month, obtain an EPA identification number as a small quantity generator and pay a registered transporter to haul the waste to an approved recycling facility or other type of approved facility

  • Recycle the used solvent on site for future reuse.

Hazardous waste generators have a "cradle to grave" responsibility for safe disposal of hazardous wastes. Federal law says the generator is responsible for the waste he creates, regardless of who hauls it away or where it is stored. His name is on the barrel and if it is spilled or otherwise causes pollution, he is responsible for the cleanup. Forever!

Of course to dispose of hazardous wastes in any unlawful way is just foolhardy and a good way to risk heavy cleanup cost, stiff fines and possible jail time.