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Product Information - The Sidewinder Concept

The Sidewinder Model M-2 is manufactured by Persyst Enterprises, Inc. in Cedar City, Utah. The market we satisfy is the 5 to 70 gallon per week solvent (thinners, etc.) user that must meet EPA requirements for waste minimization. General user classifications are:

  1. Commercial paint and finish contractors.
  2. Industrial and Government paint, finish and coating users.
  3. Automotive paint and finish users.

Recycling and waste minimization is one of the few areas where national environmental goals, industries economic interests and public health and safety issues clearly coincide. For waste generators, the benefits include reduced costs, liabilities, and regulatory burdens associated with hazardous waste management. For the general public, waste minimization pays off in our improved environment. Our nation has interest in minimizing the overall amounts of hazardous waste being transported on our highways and stored at hazardous waste sites. The EPA tailors rules and regulations to encourage on site recycling and reuse.

The Sidewinder Model M-s reduces the volume of hazardous materials on site and all but eliminates the need to transport liquid hazardous waste on our streets and highways.