1. Sidewinder Model M-2 solvent recycling system

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1. Sidewinder Model M-2 acetone recycling system
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1. Sidewinder Model M-2 Solvent Recycling System
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Made in USA

People buy or lease a Sidewinder for four reasons.

  1. To save money on solvent purchases.
  2. To save money on waste disposal costs.
  3. To conform with regulations and avoid potential costly fines.
  4. To do their part to save the planet.

Hassle Free......

Load........1. Load the solvent recovery system

Latch ..........2. Latch the solvent recovery still

Push .............3. Start the solvent recycling equipment


Hazardous waste recycling is one of the few areas where national environmental goals, industries economic interests and public health and safety issues clearly coincide. For industry, the benefits include reduced costs, liabilities, and regulatory burdens associated with hazardous waste management. For the general public, hazardous waste minimization pays off in our improved environment.

Our nation has interests in minimizing the overall amounts of hazardous waste being transported on our highways and stored at hazardous waste sites. The EPA tailors rules and regulations to encourage on site recycling and reuse.

Of course, to dispose of hazardous wastes in any unlawful way is just foolhardy and a good way to risk heavy cleanup costs, stiff fines and possible jail time.


The Sidewinder Model M-2 Solvent Recovery System, made in the USA, has become Industry’s number one choice because it’s hassle free and saves dollars. Load it with dirty solvent, press the button, you're done. Self monitoring, it turns off automatically and you have clean gun wash and cleanup solvents, ready for reuse.

Whether you know it as an acetone recycler, a xylene reclaimer, a solvent distillation unit, a solvent recovery system, a lacquer thinner recycler, an alcohol recycler, an MEK reclaimer or a solvent recovery system, most know it as Sidewinder.

The Sidewinder solvent distillation unit reduces the volume of hazardous materials on-site and all but eliminates the need to transport liquid hazardous waste on our streets and highways.


Persyst Enterprises, Inc. is a State of Nevada Corporation, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, manufacturing and marketing the Sidewinder Solvent Recovery System since 1988. Mike Lawson of Las Vegas is president and CEO. Gail Lawson, also of Las Vegas, is secretary/treasurer and operations manager.

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